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Hello, Joined to ask about this rock I picked up.

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Found it in OH on an old road bed. Was a random find and seemed a bit odd so had to look into it. Thoughts?

Lighter material in this pic is dirt stuck to it. It has not been cleaned and is as found in these photo's.


Mag will pick it up so it's got iron.


The round spots in this pic seem to be metal.


Camera flash shows a bit of what looks like metal flakes.


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I don't think it's a meteorite Shaggy, but I'm curious, what about this rock made you pick it up?

Anyway, take a look at the sites I mentioned in my post "Resources to help ID your finds yourself". There you'll find some quick tests you can perform to see what you have. Try a couple and post the results. I suggest the scratch test first.

Waiting to hear.



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It was work that had me in the location I found it and when I get back home in a few days I can do some tests for fun. Sorry for the poor pic Duch but all I had on me was a cell phone and that still beats giving a verbal description in any case...

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