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Meteorite ID

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If I may? Danco? Do keep in mind, that I am by NO means, an expert in any way, but I have read tons and have seen 1000's of photo's. With that bein said......

On any cut and etched iron meteorite, yer not gonna see any differences in the alloyed metal itself, "alloyed" means only that 2 or more metals are molecularly combined. From bein melted together originally.

All you are actually lookin at when an iron's cut and etched is the crystalline structure of the metal that formed as it had cooled from bein melted together to begin with.

If this helps.

As for tryin to ID yer rock in the pic, some of these other feller's on here will better at that than I, and they'll probly ask fer a clearer, more detailed photo, ok?

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The etched pattern is that of a coarse octahedrite and you have some graphite showing. It is similar to my Campo (If mine is a Campo!) but the pattern is tighter on yours.

I can't ID it as a Campo from the pattern and for all I know it could be anything. But it is very similar to mine and it was sold to me as a Campo de Cielo.

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Did a bit of googling and came up with, "Campos will have kamacite lamellae with an average width of 3 mm." You may wish to do a search yourself. Kamacite is the lighter in color of the two. Have fun!

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