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Stuck it out today until 1:42 pm. :nutty: Drove 227 miles total , and had to get up at 3 am..... :grr01:

Got the skunkaroo in my first location (guess its time to part with that gully) On the way out of the area I hit 6 tributaries por nada. :cry2: Finally, I decided to hit a trib that I had a chance of nailing a piece or two to save day :4chsmu1:

Aparently a small gully washer came through there because I wound up just specking a few pieces and beeping one. Had to leave one or two behind cuz I lost `em.

Heres the take, and one of the larger tortoises I have seen in Arizona...



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Dern Adam....Thats one heck of a trip!
You got to see a desert turtle on top of finding tons of gold!!! WTG!!! :)
Ive only found a shell. Your lucky.

Glad you were able to brave the heat, soothe the itch and take it easy for a couple of weeks.

Cooler weather is coming.

Glad you got some gold too boot. :)
Tom H.

Info Note....if you guys do see a desert turtle....dont pick them up..they will pee out all thier reserve and have a

rough time after that....just take pics and enjoy the sight.

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Yep, Adam ... That guy's lips are purple/red from the PP fruit ...Looks like some rain lightly for the next couple days so the tortises and gila monsters should be out feeding ... rattlers too! ... Cheers, Unc

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Yo Adam! It was good to get out with you yesterday.

Too hot for me at 11AM so I was glad to see your text when you hit the pavement later in the day. If anyone plans on being out alone, with partners, heat or not, I recommend letting someone know where you'll be and when you plan on returning. If you leave separately set up some kind of "I'm back" text or call. And don't loose your wallet on a hunt, else you'll spend Christmas Eve hiking the desert...hint hint :Just_Cuz_06: Really this spot was much deeper than I prefer to go in the heat. 10 miles offload is not deep but a 10 mile walk in 100+ just sucks. That's from experience :old:

Adam is a good dude. Ever since I got him over his first nugget a few years ago (and a few ounces since) he's been trying to find a good spot to share with me. This was not it :zzzzz: But I did manage one little .04 gram piece he and Wade missed :yesss: and two other dinks at another spot I know of :head: That little tortoise was cool.

Not to thread-jack...I have not posted on any forum in a long time and am guilty of not getting back in touch with many friends who've reached out to me in the last few years. I rarely even post on my own forum, not even sure I'll keep it up. Do like to blog on the main site tho. The last few years have been busy, trying at times, good, you know the story, C'est la vie. I'm thankful to those friends who've stuck by me and understand the hardships and blessings that both death and divorce bring. Yes, I'm happily divorced ladies :yesss: The other good news with all this life happening (while I was making other plans) my gold hunting has not slowed down too much. Be thankful for the little things.

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