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mystery rock!

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Looks like garden variety nodular hematite.

What color was the streak when you ground it? The freshly ground surface looks sub metallic. The cuttings will be reddish if it is hematite. Grey it is magnetite. Either way what you have is a nodule of iron oxide.

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That is not fusion crust. It is oxidation. And it is not metal, it is mineral. Not metallic but sub metallic.

It is nodular hematite.

Streak, density, hardness, color and luster. That is how you ID rocks. That is a rock and not a meteorite. It has all the identifying characteristics of nodular hematite and I bet those cuttings were dark brick red when you ground it.

Look for rocks with fusion crust and an ablated surface that has been smoothed and polished by airflow. That bubbly, rough surface comes from oxidation.

Sorry man...It is the very model of a classic meteorite wrong.

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