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YUMMY YUMMY Its a giant!

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Hey Mike, head out to Bartlett and hook on to a big ol flathead for a Kayak ride...

Now THAT is some good eating!

...live sunfish hooked high in the back so they flounder around on the leader??? We used to spend a week catching enough to set lines for two nights. Boy was it worth the effort! Those big flatheads are a big thrill and will sure fill a freezer fast.

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I've fished Alaska and caught halibut and the best ones for eating are under 100 lbs. The old big ones get a little tough and rubbery like some of the posters on the forum.


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Bill ,,, I may have to have a conversation with you about Bartlett ... That same place was a name someone else mentioned but they had never been there before so couldn't give me any first hand info. Sounded good at the time ... sounds better now! BTW ... is that the lake that is east of I-17 more or less off the Carefree(Rte 74)?

Mike F

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