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I am not a member of the GPAA and have only seen a preview of the cover page of the article. I'm starting to get a bunch of inquires.....that is how I knew it was out.


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Wow, Steve ... Those are real beauties ... Still looking forward to getting mine from you!!! Cheers, Unc

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Holy moly! What a collection of work!

I agree Oakview, the photos and posts are better than the web page.

The gold is fantastic and the work impeccable. But design is what makes an artist. Steve, your designs are the only jewelry that I have ever seen that I like better than the plain old ore. They are truly fantastic. It is plain your connection is way deeper than that of a jeweler. It is also plain your connection to gold is more.than just that of a prospector.

My hat is off to you man! We may agree to disagree on a lot of things but you have my deepest respect when it comes to your artistic expressions in gold.

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Very well Deserved.

More of Steve's/El Dorado's Work can been seen on this website as well. http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/index.html

Awesome works of art/skill and pics of him in his shop.

Scroll down a lil and on the left click on El Dorado.

Or Click this link to get to El Dorado's pics instantly.http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/el-dorado.html

BTW there is a lot to view and lots of Great info on this Website.

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They even plastered it all over facebook, a link to your website, and people were making inquiries there as well :)

Edit, just saw Oakview2's post, well there you go!

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I couldn't figure out what this was all about. I knew it had to do with a magazine so I first thought was OMG did he have his clothes on!!?? Then I remember being told about the upcoming article so I'm searching for a copy now.

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I savor that electric, thunderstruck moment -- the first time I laid eyes on Mike Greyshock's ring out in the Dale Mining District a couple of years back shortly after Steve presented it (and I believe one other ring to someone else during that trip [Lucky Lundy?] in addition). Ooh La La!!! Those masterpieces didn't just suck my breath -- out of body experience comes closer. I recall a day or two afterwards when, just before departing back to Northern California, Steve attained the status of near prospector sainthood in my eyes when he and his partner shared info on a nearby recently discovered patch with some of the rest of us. Steve has interior dimensions that run as deep and true as the noble metal with which he can bewitch our hearts so well.

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