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Coiltek 6" round mono

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Howdy All,

Just thought I would show of one of the most sensitive little mono coils I have ever tried that are now in stock here at Nugget Shooter. Very light and much more sensitive and maneuverable than even the 8" Commander mono...Fits almost in the palm of your hand!

This is the newest version of the Coiltek Goldstalker 6 inch mono, very stable and will bang out those nuggets in tight spots other coils will not fit. It will also hear some very small nuggets at surprising depth.

Only $195.00


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Those little coils are cool ... First time out with mine I found a little half grammer in some exposed bedrock (not shown) and then, where the bedrock dropped down into about a foot of sand about 20 ft. downwash, a very unusual quarter ounce nugget which screamed at 12 in. .... Up about 100 feet up the hill above the quarter ouncer I found a crystalline 1+ ounce nugget ...Cheers, Unc



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I love mine. It can drive you a bit crazy (a bit more crazy) in our super mineralized ground. I believe it might compete well with a gold bug but with a lot more depth. I'd like to hear Trinity AUs' opinion on this.

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