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One of the to do's on my bucket list is to go hog hunting down texas way or where ever it is that they have an abundance of them running around. Have read where Texas has prety much lifted all restrictions on hunting them because there are so many.

Anyone else on this forum hunt hogs?? places to go that aren't commercial, anyone of this form have hogs that need to be thinned out?? or want to go hunting hogs

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Allen, in my younger days we{my family} used to hunt wild Pigs on the coast range here in Kalli. But its been a long time, friend of mine{now dead} held the record for a long time here. A 700 pound bore, His name was George Fisher, and that record was back in the 60's. texas has little pig compared to Calif. Grubstake

I had to look at my old news paper clipping, I had the weight wrong. It was 700 pounds. Been a long time.

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Hogs are a problem everywhere. They destroy a lot of natural species and you can kill as many of them as you want in most states.

You want a big hog? Here is a big one!



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Yup that ole photo-shopped 'photo' has really made the rounds over the years. I have seen various 'hunters' associated with that 1000 pound hog. Seems it had 9 lives and at least 9 different hunters using bow or crossbow or rifle or handgun have been claimants. I surprised no one has come forward claiming to get it with a spear! :thumbsupanim:4chsmu1::old:

Mike F

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