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Have you ever wished that you could just get down on your hands and knees on a stretch of exposed bedrock and actually see gold hiding in the cracks and crevices (probably somewhat like the old prospectors must have done back when) ??? Well, that's what I did, and where these small nuggets came from. I went out to one of my spots a few days after an exceptionally strong rain storm that got the wash running from bank to bank. It had actually had "re-exposed" some bedrock that I knew about that had been covered by a few prior storms. So after crawling about on my knee-padded-knees and hands for about 30-minutes I walked away with this little bunch of nuggets. It's kind of cool to be able to say that I have "trained" my eyes to not only see them from a foot or two away, but that I could actually lean back on my knees and also see them in the cracks from 3-4 foot away as well. Having good, bright sun shine helps also. Finding these little nuggets in this way really Opens-your-eyes and mind to grasp the mechanics of a wash and what affect it has on the positioning and placement of gold within it.....GO NAKED,.....ITS INTERESTING. Gary






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Way to go on that pile of nugs!

I would deffinently get back in there with a detector or a Vacc and get some more.

Nice hual!!!
Tom H.

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:D nice lookn' lil'pickers. In 91 I found my biggest nugget of the year up the side of a hill whilst taking a dump. 2 1/2 dwt and named the Grunt nugget,looked like a panther head with mouth open and fangs. Even had a hole straight through for the eyes. Gave it to sis in law for a xmas present,they divorced,she hocked it,bummer as real neat :old: Get ya some more-got crack vac/blower unit??John :brows:

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In placers where the gold is flaky you can generally eyeball it pretty good. That is how the natives did it as well as the depression miners. I think a heck of a lot of those holes were dug to bedrock, tossed on a blanket and specked by eye. They would only concentrate material if they could get enough by eye to warrant it.

Sniping is no doubt the first technique ever used to recover placer. It will teach you more about how placer lays down than any other method of recovery.

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Actually, I have detected this location many, many times in the past and still continue to find nuggets there,...and I have also used my gold-vac on most every square inch of bedrock to pull the fines and pickers out, but once there is a real good flooding I'm left with little surprises like these. I had taken my (early teenage) grandson down with me a week or two before and he walked away with about a dozen of-about the same size,.......I had to point them out to him, but I think he enjoyed plucking them up with tweezers anyway. Gary

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Found a few Crumbs here by eye after Crevicing and Dry Panning it down a bit. Never found a Picker just by hand and knee thing. This is the home Were a Falcon Pays it's way.

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This is a GREAT thread for beginners in "general prospecting and detecting" to give them a forgive the pun, wide angle view on getting out and getting the gold.
BEST part is ........... DAMM even if ya don't have the means at the moment to go out an get equipment, THIS aspect of prospecting ALLOWS them to just get out and EYEBALL with the knowhow
offered in the post. :old::2mo5pow:

AND BEDROCKBOB sums it all up for the added "confidence needed" by stating

"Sniping is no doubt the first technique ever used to recover placer. It will teach you more about how placer lays down than any other method of recovery."

Hapy Huntn

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