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Deadly ...post-314-0-88444800-1376175132_thumb.jpg ... And sometimes it is just Dangerous ...post-314-0-20325500-1376175172_thumb.jpg The Gila Monster was found by my 9 Month Old Black Lab Max this morning on the GPAA Congress claims in Congress AZ Be careful out there. This guy was shedding his skin and you can see part of it still on the back of his head.

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No, they do have a fairly mild venom, but you really have to work to get one to bite you ...I run across 4-5 each year and all they want is to get away from you ... We have a beauty that lives on our property someplace ... Wheneve the monsoon gets rocking really good, he/she comes out and hunts around our house... Cheers,Unc

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Dont be fooled by thier short little stubby legs.........they can move like skooby doo when they want to!
Had one come out of a mineshaft by me in the 80s and all I saw was a flash of black and orange.

Tom H.

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OK, not so deadly venom and they make great pets :brows:

In this wiki "snip" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gila_monster they found one near Tucson that was 35 pounds and 27" long.

:thumbsupanim Some people have "barn cats"... why not have a "barn Gilamonster"?

................(break out your reading glasses)

""" More than a dozen peptides and proteins have been isolated from the Gila monster's venom, including hyaluronidase, serotonin, phospholipaseA2, and several kallikrein-like glycoproteins responsible for the pain and edema caused by a bite. Four potentially lethal toxins have been isolated from the Gila monster's venom, including horridum venom, which causes hemorrhage in internal organs and exophthalmos (bulging of the eyes)[1], and helothermine, which causes lethargy, partial paralysis of the limbs, and hypothermia in rats. However, the constituents most focused on are the bioactive peptides, including helodermin, helospectin, exendin-3, and exendin-4.[18] Most are similar in form to vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), which relaxes smooth muscle and regulates water and electrolyte secretion between the small and large intestines. These bioactive peptides are able to bind to VIP receptors in many different human tissues. One of these, helodermin, has been shown to inhibit the growth of lung cancer.[6][19][20]....."""

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I've heard that when they do bite they tend to hold on and chew like a bulldog ... or a cobra ... a nasty infection sometimes results ... that infection will sometimes lead to death like any infection that isn't properly cared for. Fortunately the dog just barked like crazy. I thought he had another snake cornered like the 3' Gopher snake he cornered and barked at the other night. Funny thing about Gopher snakes ... they act and sound just like a rattlesnake and that is what I thought he had cornered the other night! The snake lived and so did Max! :) Fortunately he will pull off of the creatures he corners and barks at when I call him ... he did try to nip at the Gila before breaking off and missed but the Gila also had one chance to nip back but fortunately missed as well. The Gila was really hissing when I got there ... he calmed down slightly while I was taking my pictures. That is only the second one that I have ever seen in my life. The creature went his way and I went mine with Max.

Never ending drama with this dog so far!

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