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Closing a chapter...kinda sad.

Sonoran Dave

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Broke down and put my Nome claims up for sale today. 240 acres in the middle of BFE. I thought I would be happy about it, but frankly I'm saddened I don't have the resources to push that dream further. I will be able to devote more time to dry land prospecting down here, which I prefer. Don't get me wrong I love dredging, there is nothing like watching gold get sucked up your hose. Still a sad day in the Riley house today. I know everyone enjoyed the pic's I posted in my picture thread. There just might not be any more from Nome...at least not by me.

Thanks for letting me vent :duc:

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Well Dave I certainly enjoyed the pictures. They were like getting to see something I will never have the privilege to experience in my life. Thank's for sharing them with us. But I have a feeling since you got some experience under your belt, you will do just fine where ever you decide to prospect. I'm looking forward to hearing how the two states differ as far as the geology aspect of the prospecting goes. I would guess there are differences. But not sure if there are or not. GL and I can't wait to see you get it in gear in Arizona.

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Hey Dave!

I am going through much the same thing. Selling a place in paradise and moving back a little closer to reality. I feel change is ALWAYS good.

Always chin up and looking forward to the future. Whenever I have left a good thing behind a better thing has come along to replace it. Besides, no matter where you live or what you do there you gotta keep pushing ahead. All these things are temporary even though they may seem permanent sometimes.

So raise up your glass to a toast! Life is a bed of roses!

To the glorious times of the past! To the adventures we have yet to live in the future! To the priveledge it is to be a free man alive on this planet creating his way!

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Thanks guys!
I love AZ and dont regret coming down. I really do enjoy being dry whilst out prospecting. There is a lot of good people down here...some i've met here on this forum. It was time for a change and we are embracing it. It is fun learning a new way of doing things and new places to explore. I think we picked the right area to move to... a ton of mining history here. :head:

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X2 what Bob said, except I don't like change very, I like my conform zone, but I do agree with all the rest, leave something good and with the right attitude something better does seem to always replace it!!

I do like some changes like, getting more free time to go prospecting, but not to much free time because as my wife tells me all the time I'm a workaholic, so I would go crazy without my work schedule, but lately (like the last 4 years) my work schedule has been unrelenting so I don't have time to even think about going crazy much less prospecting!! :idunno:

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