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Q Couple Zingers Already this morning

frank c

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QUAD-DID OUT Early ta Day, then broke my couleones this mornin pickin rackin an swingin.
Was home by 9:15.

El Dinkos brought to you direct this monin by Ol Yeller.

Hapy Huntn



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Hey! Congrats on the gold Frank.

Youve been pretty consistant here lately with getting gold

every time you go out. Nice :)
Hope you get a lot more.....keep cool.
Tom H.

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WTG Frank :thumbsupanim did you find those with your drywasher :head: Mike C... :200:

MIKE MIKE , THOSE ARE GENUINE DE- TEC - TED Nuglets from Northwest Az.

ML 3500 with a Nuggetfinder 7x14 Advantage sweet coil.

Haven't done any serious drywashing in about 2 years. Been nursin a hernea and gettin nervous about it goin to the Doc this week.

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Hi Frank thats what I thought at first but then you said at the end of your original post-brought to you by OL Yeller which is the name of your drywasher so I got confused :arrowheadsmiley: Detected-good job :head: -maybe Ill see you at the GB outing this fall-Mike C... :200:

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Hernia's are no fun Frank. Had em 3 times. I'm not lifting anything heavier then a grocery bag these days. Nice gold!

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Frank ... Not to worry ... if that were to happen ... God forbid that it would however ... you wouldn't feel a thing! ... One of the better ways other than dying in one's sleep I would think.

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If your in pretty good health, I wouldn't worry about it much. When i got back to my room and got to feeling ok I stood up and waited for the doctor to release me. It's just a day surgery. My last surgery was the worst cause they repair an old hernia that had already been fixed in 73. They put the mesh in the second go round and boy did it hurt. I had that surgery in 2008 and its just now starting to feel normal again.


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