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Hematite Obloid

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This is what I believe to the hematite obloid. The stone was in two parts. A section of the shale was separated from the main part of the stone. It's the picture with the hole in the thin stone. The obloid was in pieces but was laying around and on top of the stone. As you can see it fits the space and matches. I also found another stone with four of the same, but smaller.

I did find some other pieces of hematite obloids in the same area. I'll post them as well.





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kinda look's man made to me but what do i know...maybe someone else will take a closer look.

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These are pictures of a different rock found nearby. The obloids were so rusted and fragile.




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Here are a few of the pieces that I found. One of the is whole and one has a small opening in it. The larger piece shows the different layers inside. The first pictures on this post show the host rock and the Obloid a long with the piece of host rock that split off. The oboist was in pieces and the rock was split when I found it.




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These were found just at the extreme south end of North Hero Island on the East side off the main road.

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Yup! Those are hematite concretions.

Chemical weathering affects them faster than the host rock. The ones found below an outcrop will usually be rotten.

They are usually denser than the host rock though and will be nice collectors pieces if you find a spot where they have been mechanically eroded...that is by freeze thaw cycles, impact or abrasion. Like in a road or in sharp edged rubble.

Keep looking there and you will find a handfull of bizzare looking little flying saucers. They have great shape and symmetry. All you need to do is get a solid one.

You can work the host rock away from one fairly easily with a geologist pick and remove what remains with a piece of sandstone. Just grind the host rock off. Most will clean up pretty good with some elbow grease. In a wet climate that may be your best bet...they deteriorate pretty quickly.

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My next trip up I'll take a better look. It's a two hour drive from where I live so I can't go a lot. I'm hoping for at least two more trips this summer. There is a wall about ten feet high that goes quite a distance with many loose stones. Hopefully I'll find some better ones. I'll keep my eyes open for you Doc!

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