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Possible Stromatoporoid found?

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While searching for fossils on the shores of Lake Champlain and after finding a Stromatolite earlier I found this rock in the same area. I'm really not sure if it is a fossil but after reading about the stromatolite I came across the stromatoporoid. There is lots of shale and limestone deposits nearby. I also found some trillibite fossils in a rock close by. Can anyone let me know what they think! It looks the same on both sides. As always its greatly appreciated!




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Thanks Bill for the article, I've never seen that one before. I haven't been to isle La Motte since I was a kid. I know it's richer there in fossils. What do you think about this specimen. I'm also thinking it might be some sort of sponge as well. Hopefully others will give there opinion. Thanks!

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