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Another Vermont stromatolite found! Look what's inside!

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Back in January I posted a rock that was found on the shore of lake Champlain. It was identified by rock hunter 1620 to be a stromatolite. The post back in January was a friends find. I went back to the area last week and found myself one. The lake level has been high so I decided to look anyways. The beach is mostly shale and is located on what is called the inland sea part of Lake Champlain, in Grand Isle, Vermont. This one was found about 500 ft north from the first one last year wedged between some rocks. It wasn't in plain sight but I knew what I was looking for. In the first group shows four pictures the one on the top left is before cleaning. The other three are cleaned views of the the same Stromatolite. The bottom two pictures are close ups of the bottom part of the sample probably where it was broken off from its foundation. I did find other stones so look for the posts. One has not been identified yet.




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Yes they are Doc! Microorganisms, especially Cyanobacteria commonly known as blue green alge. From what I read on them, they provide the most ancient records of life on earth. Roughly 3.5 billion years old. When these things lived, earth did not have adequate oxygen to support much life. Earth is only 4.5 billion years old. I'm thinking of taking a slice from it but I don't have a saw with a blade that deep. I really don't want to butcher it. If you're interested, the area that these fossils came from was the south east end of North Hero Island. By Roosevelt highway.


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I'm not sure if it takes a polish. When I get a chance I'll try it and post the results.

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