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This is the type of nutjobs setting the envrios agenda


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Whack-jobs! Get a life people! Geez these people make my blood boil! I wouldn't waste their collective ashes on the trees as fertilizer ... it would probably kill the trees! And they live amongst us! God Save Us!

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Mined minerals touch every aspect of modern civilized life. Without them, modern industry, housing, transportation, electricity, refrigeration, communication, agriculture, clothing, etc, etc would not exist. So-called environmentalists who utilize all such things and every convenience they provide. Display their own ignorance of what exactly modern infrastructure is built of, and utterly dependent upon.

Anyone who utilizes everything minerals provide – then loudly espouses an anti-mining agenda. Clearly demonstrates to the world – they are hypocrites. The benefits mined minerals provide humanity – override the environmental affects mining them causes, a million times over.

If you are anti-logging – don’t use wood. If you are anti-mining, don’t use all things mined minerals provide. Then and only then do you have the legitimate right to complain.

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Like EM said, they're all a bunch of hypocrites, then I'd also bet they're all city people who watch waaaaayyyy toooooo much TV in their

spare time at home. And then, obviously, they all have the emotional stability equal only to a bag of rats trapped in a burning meth lab.

Nope, not much effort was applied by them to quickly earn the title "Freakshow", I hope their parents are proud. :nutty:

I would also bet that they all rode together to that forest in a short bus.


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