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Pretty cool video of flash flood in AZ


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That's a good one.

This is probably the reason why it is said that more people die in the desert from drowning than dehydration. A mule and a miner wouldn't have a chance if he was camped in the wash.

Be careful out there!



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Great Post Shep

I too was amazed that amount of water would move such a Large Boulder! I worked in the Municipal water Industry for 38 yrs and have seen the force of water. At 8.34 Lbs per gal it packs quite the punch, Thanks for the Video! jet521

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Cool post, when I was a teenager I worked a summer in Anza Ca at a Rose Quartz quarry. The bunk house up on the side of a steep, rock strewn canyon. I clearly remember one afternoon after it had been raining for some time hearing a loud roaring and looking out over the canyon I saw a wild and wooly torrent ripping past. I could hear the rocks grinding and banging, no place for boogy boarding. Rocks, foam and brush. Probably only lasted a half hour or so but left a lasting impression....


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Aloha guys,

I saw my first flash flood out at Gold Basin and being from Hawaii I was amazed and spellbound by how much debris was whipping past me as I sat up on the ridge overlooking a drywash that I had just crossed about an hour earlier. Lucky for me I was in a rush to meet up with someone and took a short cut or I just may have been stolling along in that wash without knowing what was coming. After that incident I very seldom walked in washes.

I can see how someone would be taken by surprise and drowned in all that debris.

Aloha and stay safe everyone,

Stan aka Kaimi

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