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Got 3 nugs today :)


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Hey all:
Well, dad and I decided to go out and take advantage of this glorious weather were having :)

Got out to the wash at 7. We hit some tribs that ran into a wash I have gotten gold out of before.

After detecting for 4 hrs and finding one bullet, one 22 shell and a piece of wire, im toast. According to my watch/thermometer, its 105 in the wash. Its 11:00 now.

On the way back im detecting bedrock and just kind of mosying along and I get a signal. Hmmm....how could this be? Ive hit this wash 4 times and NO ONE is better then me! :)
Well, lo and behold I pop a 1 grammer 2 inches down. Then I get another signal. I get this one in the spoon and it looks like a piece of rusty iron. I didnt have my glasses on so im thinking its just iron.

Got one more nug out of the area.

I find it very strange how the temp. dropped to about 75 deg. when I found the first nugget...very strange.....I had new energy and wasnt hot at all :)

Well, if theres more there...they can wait until cooler weather!
Got back to the truck and showed dad. He said, I think that bigger one is gold...rubs on it and sure enough it was gold! Nice fat little guy.

Had a good time today. Not really too hot. Good Lord blessed us with some gold and I lost about 5 lbs!

Heres the video of the thing I thought was iron.


Tom H.


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Wade............Anchovies???Did I hear you say ANCHOVIES!!!...im up there tomarow if thats the case :)
Were gonna hit it with some shovels once it cools down a bit. It was way below where I had found the other bigger

gold in that wash. Think I need to rent a little backhoe from Home depot and scoot up there :)

I hear ya Adam....Glad I saved that odd ball to look at it closer later.

I couldnt see much with all the sweat in me eyeballs out there. :)

Its too hot for bees to fly :P

Shep....hey what do you want from a guy thats 80 yrs old??? :) Only met one other guy out there thats older than him up at rich hill. I think he was 82 and swinging like a mad man.

He does good. Just glad he gets out with me

and digs around some.

Patrick...we did smell like animals after all that :)

Tom H.

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