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Wow, save me some! I will be back some day.

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Nope Dutch,

We try to stay out of the well known, beat to death areas :)


Members who left in good standing get in without a vote. Just be aware that a waiting list close to starting.

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A square mile in Gold Basin, The Greaterville district and all the way down on the Mexican border. All leased from John B.

These properties are proven "big gold" and have the luxury of low member usage, as were capped @ 100 paid members.

Nope, were claim poor (about 800 acres) in AZ at the moment, but were actively seeking new productive ground.

I'd love to get some backyard claims where the central AZ folks could detect off there tailgates but so far everything we've looked at has been beat to death just look at the miles of the fresh "legacy" hand stacking. :)

I would not be surprised if most of the AZ resident member dropped out for the same reasons Dave. It simply costs to much for gas these days.

I spent over $1800 in fuel just looking for WSPA claims in my neck of the woods. But thats what it takes to find the patches and the payoff is worth the investment in time and $.


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