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Weekend out with family and Question on find

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Went out in the mountains with grandkids and family..Had some fun and did a little searching while I was there..Only come up with 1 kinda decent find..post-235-0-66087300-1375590813_thumb.jpgpost-235-0-66093300-1375590895_thumb.jpg

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Yup ... Nothing like having a family outing ... few and far removed nowadays for me and mine as mine are all grown and we are scattered all over the country.

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Someone online was able to shed some light on my buckle,Unfortunately it's not military.but I'm fine with the find..

Your find is indeed part of a two-piece Tongue & Wreath style belt buckle. These buckles are made of die stamped rolled brass, and date from the 1850's. This particular design featuring an upright eagle, clutching arrows and an olive branch on a lined field, surrounded by a rope border, is commonly referred to as the "Stamped Brass Rope Border Eagle Buckle" by collectors. There are actually three outer wreaths, that are the correct fit and match for this particular buckle center tongue. The most commonly encountered wreath, is entirely plain and smooth. The next wreath features a lined or reeded edge design (much like the edge of a coin). The rarest outer wreath, and one that provides a clue to origin on these particular buckles, is one marked Bondy Brothers & Co., on the belt loop.

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