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I'm kinda bored these days...


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I mean getting to read and see all of ya'lls gold,,,so i'm doing a little of my on research on Texas gold. because that's all there is, very little information out there...lol!

I guess this ICMJ article is the best info I can find It mostly covers the hill country of Texas. It's a purdy good article but there are no pictures of the places it talks about.


I would like to find out more about this pdf file below. But have no clue how to research it or find out how much gold they took out of the mine. Maybe one of you fellas know how to find more information.


Then I read about a guy who found a handful of nugget's while dredging on the Guadalupe river. Not sure if his story is bs or what lol........a handful of nugget's....lol!

Just very little info on Texas.

Like I said, i'm just bored...i'll get over it.. :cry2:


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There are some gold mines in the Davis Mts. near Marfa. Some strange lights too.

Right on the New Mexico border in the Guadalupes and in the Cordunas and Brokeoff Mts. there is placer...and a lot of other stuff.

Good meteorite hunting from Odessa to El paso too!

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Sorry, but I lost my internet just as soon as made this post.

Bob if I was going to drive that far for gold, I would not stop until I reached Arizona....lol!

Elder that link is the same as my 1st link but with better maps. Thank's!

The second link I posted is the one that caught my eye. Over 3000 dollars a ton in 1904. That's a bunch of ounces in a ton in 1904. I just don't have the tools to research the information. Guess they didn't keep any records. Kinda funny the story being in the New York Times too...

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