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:yesss: Holy guacamole man I almost cried--everything gold to know and I WANT more---I Need more all the time-thanx. Had to laugh at 1979 as gold at about $180 and the hospital in Reno Washoe Med took gold to let me finish paying off my last sons birth there. Almost 30 ounces in them days--now,even with drop,less than 5 oz :idunno: John

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I was watching the Diggers last night and one of their graphics said:

According to some, there's enough gold in the Earth's crust to cover the entire land surface knee-deep.

According to who? haha So, here I go looking for the SOURCE ...


This comes up on a Google as a 'source' but in fact they are just using a quote from some other source.

Now, here is the real source of the quote:

There's enough gold buried deep within the Earth's core to cover the entire land surface of the planet to a depth of half a metre, an Australian researcher says.

Professor Bernard Wood, a geologist from Macquarie University, in Sydney made his remarkable calculations based on research published in today's issue of the journal Nature.


I have sourced the quote but was Professor Wood correct? His findings were published in 2006. I think more will be revealed so remain skeptical of quotes.


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Hoser John,

I met The Diggers in Santa Barbara earlier this year. In person they are not like they are for the camera. They are just a couple of Montana boys who got a break by sending in a video. They have regular jobs that they are taking a break from and they think they are 'living a dream' where they can get paid to hunt. Now they did have to do something different to keep the gig so they show some 'personality!'

They had a question and answer session and I asked them about the 'language' and the antics and while they are genuine they do know how to turn if off and turn it on. I told them as a watcher I often times 'cringe' at some of the things they say but ... they are going to have one more season.

Bottom line is that I liked them more after I met them than before.


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