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Was pulling some mis-fire bullets from some shells I gathered at the range. All of the shells appeared to be older type 303 British, some had silver colored bullets and some were the copper color. All had the regular type powder that you are used to seeing when loading.

this last bulled was a stuborn one and took some doing to get the bullet out, No powder came out. When looking in the throat of the case I saw a paper wad stuck in it. so with tweezers I started pulling the wad out and looked down in the case and saw what appeared to be the ends of spagetti staring back at me. Couldn't believe what I saw. Took it to the local gun shop to have it verified. A bunch of guys verified it for me but had never seen it in person. Real interesting.

It is Cordite and early form of powder produced and used in the British 303 cartridge. Well now I have a sample to show and talk about. Can just imagine what it was like loading these shells with this stuff.

more info here



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