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Happy Birthday Shep!

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Thanks All! Too busy or hot to detect, been play'n around on the airgun forums. Santa brought me a new one. That hobby isn't much cheaper than detecting ;-)

Thanks again, Shep

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Hey Shep:
Hope you had a good one.
Looking foward to meeting up at one of the meetings again.

Taker easy.
Tom H.

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Shep glad to see you are starting on your second childhood again with airguns. My grandkids and nephews try to wear them out. I have a descent break action but been looking at the new compressed air guns. Welcome to AARP for the upteenth time. Jerry

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i use mine to kill gophers. We have six bb pellet and bb guns. When the grandkids are here it becomes aa competition. I have a Beeman S1 for more serious stuff. They are good for chasing the feral cats away without hurting them.

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