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Wireless headphones ?

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I'm still window shopping but seriously looking at the CTS 3030. Should wireless headphones be on my "highly desired" list of features? Never used them before so I have to ask. I had a long enough coil cord on my other detectors that it didn't seem to be a real hindrance. And, if the wireless burns through batteries quickly then I might just pass them by. I also like the water resistance of this detector but then it was never a problem with my old Whites and Garrett. I would like to attain a little depth in some special places but not so deep that I'd need a 2 box. Any comments are much appreciated.

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There are a number of FM or Wi-Fi type Dongles that can be used. Some folks complain about the Delay on the two but I've never had the problem. I my self just use ear buds from family dollar and keep 5 or more on hand. If they Crap out Oh, Well! I only keep one bud in the ear because I need to be hearing what's going on around me. I keep a Eye on my Dog because he or she, knows a lot more then I know about the 1000 yards around me.

We have some bad stuff going on down here.

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I have a 3030 and it comes with a wireless that you can use with any headphones, ear buds or external speaker you want. There is no loss of time in the response between a target and the hearing.

For the first 2 months I have had this machine I didn't use the wireless. The last two weeks I use it only. It is great to be able to put down the machine and walk away from it. I plug my headphones into the wireless transmit and receive module that comes with the machine.

There is a set of headphones you can buy for a 3030 that are waterproof but that is something different.


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I forgot to add that you don't need to buy batteries to make the wireless work unless you have battery powered headphones like I do. Everything with the 3030 is rechargeable unless you want to use batteries.

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