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Stressing over paperwork,...

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I've been stressin' about claim papers. :barnie:

"Why haven't I gotten them yet?". :89::th_panic:

That's been goin' through my head for about two weeks now. :mornincoffee:

They finally showed up Fri. :wee:

Since I just got my new papers for next year,

I'd say my claim is still valid. :thumbsupanim

(...and will continue to be. :brows: )

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Hopefully Clay will be posting the 2013 filing requirements soon . I know them but its always good to review them for any changes. I saw a post on another forum from a guy who's claims where declared null and void because he didn't submit an "Intent to hold" or the fee to the county. Some things like that are considered "Repairable Errors" but I don't know about that one, sure would hate to lose a claim over $10.

The gov is going to get theirs regardless. :grr01:

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Glad you got your papers finally, Steel Pan. I wish I could get some kind of answer from the IRS about my taxes. Been waiting 14 months for an answer to my question, but all I get every four months is a form letter that says "Due to limited manpower and extra work we have been unable to resolve your issue."

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The insipid state a kalif now has their own paperwork you are supposed to use instead of the federal forms--WHAT BS as no uniform paper act cert #. Posted on ICMJ site under New News-John

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