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The following two sites contain excellent textual, photo, link, and video material useful with identifying your meteorite or meteorwrong. These sites are good starting points for anyone wanting to know more about the 'how-to' of meteorite identification.


Statement from the Site: "The purpose of this site is to help the visitor better understand elementary identification of the most common meteorites and to gain insight from the misidentifications of others".

This terrific site offers great info on Identification, Home testing, Suspect Auctions, Links, and 2 informative videos and more. Four of the six video links displayed are dead. Which is unfortunate because these were from Jim Woodell (density video) and Ruben Garcia (identifying stony meteorites). The two videos that are available for view are:

McCartney Taylor on Stone Meteorite Identification, and

Randy L. Korotev on Meteorites and Meteorwrongs

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This too, is an excellent site. It was repared by Randy L. Korotev and was last revised on 18-Jun-2013. This site has plenty of identification info, but my favorite is the four page 'Photo Gallery of Meteorwrongs'. It contains over 300 photos of confirmed meteorwrongs and provides 'why it's not a meteorite' and 'what it is' info on each.

Also like the 'Some Meteorite Realities' and the 'What to Do If You Think You've Found...' pages.

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Hope some of you find these sites helpful.


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