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It's not a meteorite, maybe it's slag...

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:89: Got something that might interest the forum.

The grandfather of a friend of mine found this specimen 50+ years ago. No one knows where grandpa found it, but my friend wondered if it was a meteorite. I told him it wasn't a meteorite, but I couldn't say exactly what it was either. Someone filed windows in it at some point to expose the side and top of it. Its all metal, as the photo shows. Sentimentality and fear that it will be damaged is preventing further testing, but I'm working on convincing them.

So, until then, I thought I would post some photos to see what others might think of it.

I think it's slag because of the vesicles. And the features that look like regmaglyphs, I'm guessing, were formed when the slag cooled. Another interesting thing about it are the small green flecks in it. In the photo I labeled these olivine for lack of a better word.

Any thoughts?


Apologize for presenting the photos in this slideshow format,

but there is a forum problem and I couldn't lay them out the way I intended.

Skip is looking at the problem.


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That's a thought. But it lacks the obvious holes of a volcanic rock and it's all metal. But I don't know all the forms of volcanic rock. I'm guessing too, so it could be possible.


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What an interesting idea. I never considered it might be that. I'll have him try your suggestion over the weekend then post an update.

Thanks Kelly.

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