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Last November

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Last November while out at LSD I unearthed a Case XX knife that the handle had rotted away from, It was about 4" down in the dirt on a hill side, I posted about it when I found it, post-227-0-14119000-1374964451_thumb.jpg

About a month ago I sent it to a friend of mine that lives back in the hills to get fixed, This weekend when I went to the cabin I stopped by and picked it up. He put a part of an Elk horn on it for the handle and then made the sheath also. I think it turned out right finepost-227-0-99380100-1374964558_thumb.jpg

I've got another that I found, think I might see what he can do for it also.

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You sure thats the same knife?? :)
That guy did a fantastic job restoring it.

Not only do you have a knife now..you have one with a story behind it.

Tom H.

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Pat, the guy that rebuilt my knife handle lives in this cabin year round and hunts horn and builds old cars. He has a great collection of nice horn that hasn't turned white. He builds knife's out of the big old saw blades that they used years ago. I took this picture of his place a couple years back.

The knife I found was stainless, only the knob at end of tang was kind of pitted which he cut off to attach the horn.


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I saw one of these 'reality' TV shows about a couple of back woods guys without much money that were 'trading up' on their skills and they made some knives out of an old saw blade and some antlers. When they were finished they went to someone and traded it off.

Your guy has preserved a real art and I'm sure he might get some orders from some of us if he wants them.

Do you want to post his contact info?


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