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Medieval Spanish gold hunters fort found in North Carolina...


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Thanks Saginaw,

I grew up in North Florida not far from St. Augustine and we were always aware of the Spanish influence there. Along many of the waterways where I fished and hunted were old Spanish forts that are now parks but there were people around collecting artifacts then.

If anyone gets a chance to go to the oldest city, there is a large fort there worth spending a day on a trip along the east coast of Florida on your way down to Daytona or to Orlando.


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Hi Mitchel.

I bet the treasure hunting in areas like this is awsome. Lots of recoverable history in that area.

Been to Florida once. Went horseback riding to enjoy the back country and saw the biggest grasshoppers I've ever seen in my so-so long life! Saw some nice deer also.

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I didn't really do much hunting for these types of things when I was there. Back in the 80s I took my White's 6000 Di Pro Coinmaster down to some of the Treasure Beaches for a couple of days but that was about it. Those beaches are much farther south.

Locals around where I was living did look for old glass bottles, plantation and some Civil War relics. We did have Indian arrowheads there from the Timucuan Indians. Based upon Florida history there was a time before Florida became a state where raid were made to the north and that was the reason 'why' they took Florida from Spain.

We did end up with a cannon ball at some point. It weighs about 18 lbs. I am not exactly certain of the story behind it but it is still back in Florida in the house I grew up in. That house was built in about 1890 by a sea captain. My mother bought it in 1959. We have checked the yard there but didn't really find any coins or relics of value.


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1890! Neat! Your Moms house must be a historic landmark or something. If it isn't it should be.

Bet there is stuff away from the house where servants or slaves would have lived.


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