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I used to go around to mom & pop tire shops & buy used wheel weight lead pretty cheap. Not so much anymore, as bulk scrap metal buyers now contract with those places & buy all they have. Now, I usually check out garage & moving sales for dead lead automotive batteries. Often folks change out a car/truck battery at home and simply set the dead one somewhere, not really knowing what to do with it. They will often sell them for a couple bucks each, just to get rid of them.

After I have gathered a few up. I pry off the tops, turn them over to drain on gravel, where battery acid will not damage anything. Once drained, turn them upright, pour some baking soda in each, refill with water & let them set a few days. Then, re-drain them & allow them to dry out. Then bust up the cases with a sledge hammer & extract the lead. Pretty frugal way to accumulate 50 or 100 lbs of lead, for what-ever purpose you intend.

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Bill I melt mine into Balls for my 44 cap and ball pistol. Now if I could just use the lead in my A** too! I'd be set. Grubstake

Gee Bill. Why not use gold instead? That way your sinkers would only need to be about half the size.......

No need to thank me buddy........

Patrick .....

:laught16: :laught16::4chsmu1:

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I used a drywasher to recover lead from a shooting range berm. Worked slick. We recovered a couple hundred pounds. We just screened the concentrates on a 1/8 screen and what did not go through the screen we hand sorted. We took out the rest of the trash in the first melt by just skimming it off the top.

We made a wheelbarrow half full of scuba weights. I am still using that to cast sinkers and .45 cal bullets for the muzzleloader.

If you throw a couple of silver dimes into the melting pot your castings will come out nice and be harder. Probably not worth it for sinkers but it makes great hunting bullets. Eespecially for vampires or chupacabras.

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When my uncle had his Roofing business, he used to bring me 500 pounds of lead scrap from old roofing jack, they removed during Tile re roof jobs, And some of it new scrap left over from the sheet metasl guys making new jacks. That sheet lead is easy to melt, and I've got lots of Balls for my 44 Remington replica cap and ball. Grubstake

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WARNING! using a silver alloy bullet leaves vampires only partially dead.


The odd vampire is a tough kill but you just have to let go of that second round. The zombies and werewolves just need a solid top shot. The silver just keeps your projectile fluffy as it crashes through the mess.

I like to clean my brass with a half teaspoon of Flitz thinned with an equal volume of holy water.It gives the silver bullets divine flight and they will curve into the undead even if your aim is a little off.

...Works like a charm on bangers and neck tattoos too!!

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Gun range lead and brass recovery is big business, they even make a jig that will recover gold at the same time , I can think of a couple of places that would be handy !

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