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I believe it was china that dumped a few tonnes right after Obummer and the the EU caught Iran trading gold(500s a millions) to Turkey in oil for gold to circumvent the oil sale embargo by TRADING for gold instead of cash. Extremely convaluted world as that sure all happened within days of each other. Half a trillion in a short time-cut in sales and dumping. Just a thought,here a trillion,there a trillion pretty soon gold is hurt price wise-John

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It is inevitable that the dollar will be replaced as the worlds reserve currency. Hyper inflation WILL occur

in the U.S.

Holding physical gold as 5-10% of your portfolio is a wise and prudent play.

I also suggest holding some cash in an offshore account in a strong foriegn currency.(i.e. German Duetsche Mark, Chinese Yuan)

The stock market is bullish for now, so take some profit there but set relatively tight stop losses in case of a sudden collapse.

This is my strategy for now.


disclaimer: I am not a stock broker or analyst. These are only my opinions and I will not be held responsible for any losses using my strategy.

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Vacating the system, whether it be equities or currency, will cause you to lose potential income over time ... if not to appreciation and dividends from the stocks then certainly from depreciation of the dollars value due to inflation. It frustrates me to no end when I hear that folks have remained in cash and lost a huge amount of money by not being invested for the last 5000+ points of increase in the DOW over the last few years. I also am not a stock broker and don't intend this as investment advise but carefully chosen stocks and well placed simple call or put options have been my source of funds since retirement 2.5 years ago. It is not difficult to be successful trading for yourself ... BUT and this is a BIG BUT ... you do have to be connected at least daily to the markets. I probably spend an hour each day producing my income. Mostly the 1st and last half hour of the trading day ... what happens in the middle of the day is controlled by stop loss orders ... just in case the market reverses direction on me during the middle of the day. BTW ... the old way of investing referred to as "Buy and Hold" is probably not the best route to go despite what my father taught me years ago. Today it is all about Buy, Watch and Trade ... Remember the best way to profit is "Buy Low and Sell High" ... my trades may be opened and closed in one day or a couple months or more ... follow the market, make a trade, follow the market and sell to collect the profit after a few percentage points rise ... and do it all over again.

Mike F

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