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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM munchable to be sure. I BBQ ALL year,makes the neighbors laugh in the middle of a snowstorm but I live by BBQ. Them ribs sure look righteous EM!!-John

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Since I BBQ a LOT.

I buy a few 1 gallon containers of relatively inexpensive generic BBQ sauce at cash & carry restaurant supply + a couple #10 tins of pineapple chunks, + a #10 tin of sliced peaches, a gallon of real molasses , ½ gallon of honey, a big bag of brown sugar, + a jug of liquid smoke + 1 bottle each lemon & lime juice.

Pour 3 gallons of generic BBQ sauce in an huge stock pot as a base

Puree 2 # 10 tin cans pineapple chunks + 1 # 10 tin of sliced peaches in a blender.

Once very well pureed, add those to the stock pot.

Add a gallon of molasses to the stock pot.

Add about 10 lbs brown sugar to the stove pot

Add ½ gallon honey.

Heat & stir occasionally, until it just barely bubbles.

Add a cup or 2 of liquid smoke (either mesquite or hickory)

Add about a quart of vinegar (apple cider type)

Add about 1 cup each lemon & lime juice.

Let it simmer on low heat uncovered overnight (stir every once in awhile to keep mix homogeneous).

About noon the following day, add a tablespoon of red chili pepper flakes ground to about 1/8th in minus.

Add a tablespoon of course black pepper flake

Add about a tablespoon of smoked chipotle pepper powder.

Let it simmer , stirring occasionally another hour or 2.

Rebottle in hot sterilized 1 gallon glass jugs while still warm.

Doesn’t need refrigeration, if kept in a clean dry dark cool place.

Usually lasts from spring to about August. Then, I make another batch.

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