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Easiest gold I've ever found

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Went out for some prospecting the last few days. I finally got to meet up with bedrock bob for a couple hours. We kind of met by chance out in the desert which was cool, and I only had a few hours to kill that day, but we rode around and I learned a bunch about the area we were at and got a lot of great ideas on future spots to work. Were planning on doing a good three or four day run out there soon so hopefully that will produce some good gold and maybe some pictures to share. Well it's been about 30 to 50 percent chance for rain pretty much every day here for about the last two weeks. It's hasnt rained every day but there's been some pretty good down pours here and there and it's done a lot of drizzling so it was too wet to dry wash. The rain is really sporadic here and can go from sprinkling to a monsoon in about four seconds so I didn't want to bring my detector either in case it poured rain. I ended up just taking my vacuum set up and some crevicing tools. I had cleared overburden off a big chunk of bedrock the day before and was just planning on brushing and cleaning the cracks and vacuuming some dirt to pan out later. Well I was down on my hands and knees with a little dentist tool just scraping and cleaning every little crack or depression I could find. This bedrock isn't like a smooth solid piece, it almost looks like concrete because its a super hard mixture of different sized rocks, so I guess it's false bedrock. But it's super rough with tons of crevices, even though I had allready vacuumed that spot and hit it with a wire brush there were still a ton of small pockets that had stuff packed in there. After about three minutes of scraping with my dentist tool I saw a yellow glint and the curved edge of a flat round piece stuck in a pocket. Pulled him out with the tweezers and had a nice little piece that had gotten wedged in there. I kept at it and pulled out a bunch of pieces with nothing but that dentist tool and tweezers. Even further up the creek where someone else had worked it down to the bedrock and vacuumed I still found a bunch of small thin pieces straight off the ground. post-26514-0-22684700-1374289020_thumb.j

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You guys would get a kick out of Chris. He is fresh out of the box but he has already figured it out. And he isn't afraid of work either... And just burning up with the fever.

I bet that we can get him to post some really nice. finds over the next few months. He is going to be finding about 3.5 more ounces by summers end. That canyon produces some beautiful pieces

and his poke is going to be pretty impressive. I have no doubts that he will meet his goal.

I'm looking. forward to it. I am betting that our buddy King is going to keep us entertained. and impressed with his finds.

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