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Hobby sized clean up contraption.

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Here is pic's of my newest clean up contraption.



Removed the adjusting valve at the BlueBowl and relocated it to the pump. Thanks Hoser John for that tip :thumbsupanim Also drilled some overflow holes in the bucket to keep it from splashing all over the sides, it nows empties nicely under the sluice.

Decided to use a 110v pump to help prevent output flow variations. That pump can suppy plenty of flow to both units at the same time.

- 30 mesh goes into the BlueBowl all the +30 goes thrugh the mini sluice. Now I need to fab up a 30 mesh mini- trommel to classify for me :arrowheadsmiley:

So far very satified with the results :yesss:

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Thanks for the tip on drilling holes in the side of the bucket, That will make wife happy when I decide to blue bowl inside on a miserable day. I am thinking about getting rid of that garden hose type valve and installing a brass gate valve to be able to fine tune my water better to maintain the right height

I have tested the blue bowl by dumping various sizes of gold into it with black sand and it does a fantastic job of washing all the sand out, I even tried to wash gold out and it wouldnt budge off the bottom and that was running full stream up and over the side and I noticed that black sand was getting out at about 1" from the top so it should have no problem separating fine gold.

If you are running real fine then just dont rush the blue bowl by speeding up water


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Just a thought.

This winter when my little placer workings are froze-up-snow-bound. To help cure the winter doldrums, I may MacGyver together a hobby or clean up scale Pan American style duplex jig.

Starting with a prototype made from either 8-10-12 inch diameter schedule 30 - 40 or 80 PVC pipe. Which I have a supply of on-hand. I also have a big bore PVC cutter & a PVC welder.

Thinking of two 24 inch tall columns, with each cell underlain by a two part conical hutch joined by an annular diaphragm of flexible rubber to allow up-and-down oscillation of the lower hutch. Ragging material would be 3/16ths steel shot, diaphragm stroke length around 1 inch & stroke frequency – around 140 or 150 cycles per minute. I have almost all the pieces & parts it would take on hand, except the shot. So, I will start looking for a bargain deal on enough BB sized shot to fill the columns.

Idea came from link below.


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WoW! I would be happy with a good pan and a Henry Poop Tube. ?

Them there Gaseous Spinning Centrifugal system would be cool. The TSA would think I was saving up some Plutonium to make my Pocket Bomb. By the way I know of no a way to make Gold Gaseous! Only Beat it down with Halides and a bit of Bleach. What a bit of fun.

Until then I like that Pan and the Poop Tube.

I love Gold but that is more then I think I need to play with.

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After figuring out how much steel shot I would need, the weight & cost.

I don’t think I will build a clean up scale Pan-Am Style duplex jig.

It would be heavier & more cumbersome than I care for

Simple, light & portable is better, so long as it functions well.

Long narrow clean up sluice box with this type rough top belting works great.

Rough-Top Incline Conveyor Belting SBR Black

2 Ply, .25" Thick, 3 to 24 inch Width




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What little I have messed with jigs they were a pain ---. but once they were working they performed well until something else changed like material, feed rate. water clarity, sun spots and so on. It's just hard to beat a good working sluice but I'm always trying to reinvent the wheel.

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A drop riffle sluice has become my favorite. The BlueBowl works great on the small stuff...have not found any get past it yet.

Jigs are a PITA

When I worked for a commercial placer mine, we were constantly repairing a jig the owner had. My Le Trap worked great for dredge cleanups back in Nome. When we got a bucket full of Le trap cons, we ran it through the MacKirk minisluice. Did not miss a lot, and it was easy. Human nature to try re-invent the wheel though....

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