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Best day yet!


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Using my White's GMT, digging and raking in a wash in NV. 3.7 grams total. Largest 1.4g. Thanks for everyone's advice, this forum has been a great resource!

Thanks, Chris

Figured I earned it in the heat today.


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Nice gold!

I bet there are some nice pieces of float hanging around on a bed of caliche somewhere above that arroyo. It looks branchy and formed in good durable quartz. Ore like that can come in some nice hunks.

Ifn you can find gold like that in the bottoms then you might spend some time searching the slopes where the alluvium is thin over caliche or bedrock. That is generally where the larger ones will be found in the high desert.

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Dern nice gold there!
Congrats. Glad to hear you raked and dug. Ive found some like that also.

GL to you.

Tom H.

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Thanks for all the positive replies. Yes the digging and raking has worked for me with the VLF. Don't have a PI as of yet.

The wash is strange to me, very little small gold. I do better digging and raking than drywashing. Bob I'm including a map of wash, hopefully its legible. Tell me more about detecting above arroyo? A friend found an awesome 11.1g quartz nugget upstream. Top of bottom bend is where I'm currently digging.

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Funny how that works sometimes and I found a wash years ago that several ounces of nuggets came out of and the smallest was around 2 grams, never found a dink there for some reason and there was very little fines when we tested with a drywasher.

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