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Well, I just got back from Anvil Creek near Nome, Alaska. Had A great time. I fried my GMT and my 4500 had a background noise that almost drove me crazy, but I still found 26 dwt. The largest 12.3 dwt.. The weather was great, except for the first 2 days. AKAU Mining gave us a great time. All the Salmon that we could eat, Caribou, Moose, and one night Robert, the owner of 3 operations on Anvil Creek bought $ 450.00 worth of King Crabs for us. We were well taken care of . Even without the Gold, it was worth it. We could Detect any where on the property that we wanted, and any time that we wanted. Augie, one of the owners, pushed for us almost everyday. Bob B. and I rented a ATV, and went all over. I will go again when I save the money. The cost for 1 week is $ 2550.00 and $ 500.00 for the ATV, which Bob and I shared. What a great week.post-3800-0-46966800-1373832735_thumb.jppost-3800-0-52439000-1373832943_thumb.jp


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That sounds like a sweet deal to me Doug. Thanks for sharing! And nice gold to boot.

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Wow! Great looking gold!
Congrats. Sounds like a awsome trip.

Memories to last a lifetime.

Tom H.

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post-3800-0-50107500-1373930935_thumb.jpThanks for all replies. I did have a great time, and wouldn't trade the memories for anything. The only pictures of gold, were of my gold. Sorry!. P.S. You might keep a look out for a new T.V. Show in the fall . Staring Prospectors in Anvil Creek, on the Travel chanel. that is all I know.

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