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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to buy a Magnum Research 17 HMR semi auto. There was a problem with it as the owner said it was pillowing the back of the cases. I bought it anyway and took a box of shells to the range to see how it shoots. About half of the cases showed a pillowing of buldging end of case shown in picture. I started to do some research about the 17 HMR semi auto's and found that in 09 most of those being made by Magnum Research, Remington and Ruger were recalled because there was to much pressure building before the bullet got very far down the barrel resulting in blown cases, magazine blown out of rifles etc. I decieded it wasn't a matter of if it happens as to when it will happen.

I called Magnum research and they stated they would change the 17 HMR out to a 22 mag, so basically just a barrel swap. I sent the gun to them and it was returned to me with a new 22 mag carbon fiber barrel, new stock ( because old one had a crack in it) new charge handle & all put in a hard case and sent back to me at no charge, Now that is what I call great customer service. The new mag is light in weight and shoots like a dream. One more tool added to my gopher getting arsenal



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That is great customer service. Good looking gun.

Just loaded my HMR single shot in the pick up for this weekend's fun. Fun guns for sure.

Fun they are, I have the 17 in a Savage 93R and it is great for gophers, squirrels and chucks. The savage has gotten quit a name for itself as they are reasonable and deadly accurate.

It is the bottom one in the picture. The other two are center Cooper 223 varminter and top is a CZ 308 varminter/tactical. all fun shooters.


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Nice looking guns Allen, I have a Savidge Axis 308 and a Rugar 10/22 takedown, Great rifles both of them, both in stainless. And I have a Rugar 22/45 pistol in stainless also. Grubstake

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