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Tigillites Bohmei, Tidgilite or Wormtrack Rock

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This is an interesting rock from near Globe, Arizona. It goes by several names but Tigillites Bohmei is the historic name although not much information is documented under that name. It is a Mescal Limestone formation with possible fossil imprints. One of the accepted theories is that the tube like formations are from worms and another theory is that they are bubbles from decaying organic matter. I am not really sure if either theory is correct but it sure is a cool.




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Limestone is a sedimentary rock and Marble is metamorphic that once was Limestone or another similar sedimentary rock. This one is supposedly unaltered therefore it would not be marble yet. It is very fine grained and takes an almost glassy polish. Sure would be nice to get more but the occurrence was small has been dug out.

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