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A new Camel finder

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You got me? weird tones to my ears, Of course, I wear two hearing aids, so its a wonder I can hear it at all. Grubstake

It must be tough getting. a date with AIDS in both ears. Then again if you are out after a camel it might not matter.

Have you ever been looking for a camel and got really smashed and woke up with a dromedary? Man I hate it when that happens!

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No, Bob> I haven't , I Haven't> I only drink Water, tea or Coffee. Never have been a drinker. Got enough drunks in my family without being one. all them nuggets in that picture, were found by Woody, I've had them all in my hand, I heard just before he died, he sold the camel, That was a 9 ozer. and came from the Elpaso's. Grubstake

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