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AZ centennial roof sign


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I made this aluminum roof for my RZR. Then took it to my sign maker and he put on the high intensity reflective AZ commerative sign.

Only problem is he got it mixed up and backwards. I wanted it so you could read it from behind, when I'm going up waterfalls and such.


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I guess it'll read just fine when your coming over the falls!! :brows:

I might need to make one for the skid plate, that way I have all situations coverd :-)

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Blake ... Rather have you have the positive attitude ... don't think about the bottom side up ... just thinking about it is half way to having it happen. :old::4chsmu1: Reads fine just the way it is!

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So nice to be proud of your state. I can still remember waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when kalif land of environutz,bureauratz,illegals and gay pride was a real place of working men and women called California.......now nuttn' but bs and taxes,rules and regs....sic sic sic. COVETH what ya got as them stinkn' feds are sure zeroing in and pickn' on ya'all-John

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