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Help with a stone?

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Hello everybody!What's up?

This is an awesome forum!I am lucky i found something like this!There is so much info and knowledge in here!Didn't know that there were so many people who are interested in these stuff!

Could you please help me a bit with a rock my father found?I ll upload pics.It seems to have gold on it but also another strange grey/blue stone that i cant figure what it is.I would be really greatfull to anyone who can help!

These are the pics of the stone:


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My guess is you have galena on chalcopyrite. The goldish color would be chalcopyrite and the blue-gray is the galena.Just a guess.

You can do a streak test to verify. http://geology.csupomona.edu/mineral/streak.htm



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Thanks for your help Morlock! Could the goldish color be gold or its more possible for it to be chalcopyrite?

If its not galena on chalcopyrite what else could it be?

Also can anyone estimate the price that this stone has?

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It's certainly not gold although it could contain a miniscule amount. Mostly likely galena on either pyrite or chalcopyrite and I'm sticking with that. Do the streak tests and let us know the results. Need a white piece of unglazed tile for that. not much value I'm afraid. Depends on size and quality of the crystals.

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