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LSD skunk beater


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Spent half the day in the LSD with plans of nailing an ouncer , but it just wasn`t meant to be :89: Broke out the Gold Bug II , and went to work. Dug out several small benches that just had to be holding :fl: , but only one taker ...A .06 tenths of a grainer :head:


The cloud cover made the morning comfortable, but around noon I could hear my brain cooking through the Nugget Busters :tisk-tisk: ... so I hiked my way back to the truck and called it a day at 12:50 :kap:

This poor little peccary was having a bad day. At least he knew where to get some water. Looks like he had a run in with a cholla cactus .....Wasn`t much I could do.....


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Dang Dood!
Its not fit for man nor beast out there right now! U must be neither :P
Well, at least ya found something. Poor little rodent....I dont know how they live out there,

But, they seem to do it.

Dont think you would have wanted to help the little guy out anyway...mom was probably within range

and they have some nasty teeth :0

Congrats on the HOT gold.

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Adam you ARE makin me DROOL,.... for real :cry2:

I haven't fired up my detector for what must be a couple of months. Thats WAY too long for me being used to hitn it weekly.
BUT I am through with a major project thats kept me confined and anxious to get the batts charged up an the gear ready.
Hopefully I will strike out by the end of this week on a huntn trip its been a Looonnng TIME without BEEPIN

OOOHHH NICE lil chunk o yeller by the way. :4chsmu1:

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Yeah Frank same here and I think this is the longest I haven't had mine out for 20 years or more, losing the wife kind of took some of the wind out of my sails and having a 15 year old to raise leaves less time than I once had with Barb here as she always found a way for me to get out for a few trips and held down the fort.... :Just_Cuz_06: Nice mega dink Adam!

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