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Trying to make sense of this...


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statement I read.

"Even today, however, some gold seekers will use the light and simple pans for prospecting, systematically sampling gravels as they work up a stream, for example, and knowing that when the gold “color” stops, a vein or two of gold feeding into the stream may be close at hand."


Anyone care to explain this statement to me? TIA!


LoL! Never mind. That means you just passed the veins up. duh......I'm not awake yet....srry.

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Rim ... You need a nap! You're in over-drive thinking mode ... only happens when I'm tired! LOL Mike F

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Like a Hound dog, pan going up stream. When the Gold stops it's time to look at the Hills and sides. The source could be a mile wide or just a bunch of crumbly crap yards wide. You never know. Most times it's a whole area that is busting loose etty bitty bits all over the place.

I used that method to find Black Sands with Gold all the time.

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So to get at the source quicker you should pan down stream and as soom as you see gold look to the hills? Backward thinking I guess.....hehe!

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