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I just read it the other day and was struck in my tracks! What a story! Dumb old me didn't even realize there where blog pages on the forum that where separate from the regular posts.

Bedrock Bob's knowledge about prospecting and Cactus horticulture is amazing.

You know when you get right down to it there are some of the most talented people on this forum; I would venture to say of any forums I have ever read of a general nature.

To single out a few that some of the newer people on here may not know of there talents , ( not including prospecting) in no particular order and I'll leave it up to you to determine their expertise my lists include : HeybeerMan , Adam , SL Nugget , Terry Solomon just to name a very few. There are people who are members of this forum that you would be amazed to know of their talents, titles and present occupations! Can't tell you, if I did you would have to die!

Kudos to all, especially Bill Southern , Mayor of Morristown,AZ


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