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6 Month Interest Free Financing

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Hi All,


Welcome to financing at Nugget Shooter, you can find more info by clicking the info tab on the banner. You will need to determine eligibility at PayPal to use "Bill Me Later" and we are good to go! NOW you will be able to get interest free financing for 6 months on any purchase over $99.00



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Details, Details, Details...........

Patrick .....

Hi Patrick, you can click the link on the banner in the top post or at my main site for more info on eligibility for financing, but if you already have a PayPal account you should be good to go. My site will be fully updated product wise within a week or so getting ready for the fall season...

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Oh the possibilities!!!

And I already have a BML account :)

Yup and sure takes the pressure of when a feller wants a new coil or..... Pretty simple to set up and if you already use PP just log into your account and set up "Bill Me Later" If you don't use PayPal sign up and get setup.

There will always be some that are PayPal haters and may have had a bad experience along the way, but I have used them for going on15 years and the only issues I have ever had were due to my own mistakes (they fixed everything for me) and through customers that were less than honest and I got ALL my money back fast!Anyway glad to offer up a solution to wanting that item, but have to save for several months and trust me I know how that is....

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