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Roach Dry Lake

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Roach Dry Lake hunt.
On my way home from Glorieta,NM I decided to hunt Roach Dry Lake,NV.
I was rewarded with a 2.5g meteorite. Unfortunately it appears the strewn field is about to be closed. The area has been graded and cleared of the debris that had once marked the strewn field,with the exception of a single tire that had been used as one of the m
arkers and a small patch of desert brush.


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Nice find !! Man , I need to try meteorite hunting some day :thumbsupanim

What`s inside the fenced area?



I'm not sure why the area was fenced in ,but there appears to be metal stakes setup in the center of the compound.


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That is a really nice piece you found, congrats. with all the building going on out there, with the solar projects, ect , its was just a matter of time before the land was going to get landlocked. I give it 20 years or less, and you will not be allowed on any dry lake, desert, open lands without paid permits, and a ranger or Docent to guide and watch over you.

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