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Calico Solar Plans Withdrawn

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"Calico Solar Plans Withdrawn" (The Press-Enterprise, 06/24/13)

The developer of a controversial plan to cover as much of six square miles of public land with solar panels east of Barstow has abandoned the endeavor, citing changed market conditions. The K Road Calico Solar Project had been proposed in an ecologically sensitive area north of Interstate 40, between Ludlow and Newberry Springs. The land, about 37 miles east of Barstow, would have been covered with photovoltaic panels, generating - at full capacity - electricity for 250,000 homes


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If you steal the sunlight from that piece of ground you have changed it forever. If they are going to say we change it by walking on it, digging it or riding on it then they have to know putting up mirrors, photovoltaics and wind mills has the same effect. Let those projects be judged with the same criteria they use on miners and prospectors.


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