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I found this ad on...


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All the picture shows is a small outcropping along with some colorful rocks. They look like rocks from a lot of areas in arizona. The pictures don't show any petrified wood. Also,I get the impression she thinks the main photo is an impact crater.... But if someone has time, wouldn't hurt to check it out.

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Go Rimmy.....if I was there I would jump on that in a heart beat....keep us posted with pics please....

Yes keep us posted with pics whoever decides to jump on this....hehe!

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To the untrained eye anything yellow that sparkles is gold, but I'd do it anyway just for the fun of it. I would pack a gatt, just in case it was a dirty trick but it does sound fun...worst case scenario she's an ex stripper and pays you well for your time :evil1:

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I think you hit it on the head...you know most women don't tell there age... :4chsmu1:


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