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what rocks can hide gold?

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There is a Pile of Minerals and Rock that can hold gold. Gold is where you find it. Most is Quartz based , Quartz related to Iron is a good place . Faults Related to Two different Stratus, Dikes, Lime stone separated by shist is good. Granit separated by Almost anything is good. Read the Books. It worked for me.

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Gold is often brought into rocks dissolved in hot magmatic waters. As such it can be deposited in any rock that allows the passage of these hot waters through cracks and or primary porosity. As a result you can get what are known as disseminated gold ores where the gold is so fine you cannot see it with the naked eye of even a low power microscope.

In other cases, gold bearing rock may be eroded and the gold re-deposited in other rock types. Again, this may lead to a very low grade of ore, but one that is still economically useable.

Gold can also be mixed with other metallic ores in varying amounts.

Gold forms few, if any known, chemical compounds that are stable in a geological environment, but there could be. Consequently, metallic gold finds itself in an environment that is most plentiful and non-reactive. Quartz fills those two conditions and that likely is why metallic gold is usually found in a quartz matrix.

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Slate and shale vapor deposition like pages in a book when seperated are my Mariposa favorite. I have many 100s of specimens of differing matrix from all over the state. In Old Shasta here in N kalif they had for many years a huge display of specimens from all the mines. Now enviros run the show and minerals disappeared into a dark vault as mining now villanized so no longer a museum supporter-John

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